Best Advice: 43% expect a better mortgage from Brexit

The Brexit vote has had little effect on UK borrowers’ financial outlook, according to Freedom Finance.

Its survey say 43% of all respondents believe that market uncertainty would enable them to negotiate a better mortgage deal.

When asked whether Brexit impacted their borrowing decisions, 68% said they didn’t expect to make any changes over the next two years and would continue to borrow as usual. Only 12% believed that borrowing would pose a risk in the current economic climate.

Borrowers’ confidence extended to other areas as well. Of the 99 respondents who took part in the survey, 77% felt that Brexit will not affect UK job security, as they are confident that the EU will still trade with the UK.

48% stated that if the pound stays low it might impact petrol prices, but due to constant variations in prices, were not concerned about any relative changes. Only a minority were worried about the weaker pound making imports more expensive (30%); employers cutting pay, leading to reduced spending power (9%); and the price of everyday groceries rising (12%).

Jeff Poole, managing director of Freedom Consumer Finance, said: “Changes in job security and everyday expenses like bills and groceries can have a big impact on an individual’s life and financial decisions, especially for those who are considering buying a home or taking out a loan for a car.

“It’s therefore very positive to see that so many consumers are feeling confident about life after Brexit. By using soft search loan sites or speaking to an intermediary, borrowers can be sure that they are getting the best rates and products for their particular needs – not just now, but also in the future.”