Hypable, 4th February 2014, New infographic ranks the richest of ‘Game of Thrones’

A new infographic from Freedom Finance offers a detailed look at the richest men and women of Game of Thrones, and what that wealth would mean in our own world.

The game of thrones has many intricate elements, but the strength of wealth is indisputably an integral cog in the struggle for power. If you’ve ever wondered who exactly has the most “bang for their buck” in this particular arena, Freedom Finance has organized an infographic laying out the richest characters in HBO’sGame of Thrones.

The “Westeros Rich List” ranks the top ten wealthiest characters according to “research into both George R. R. Martin’s book series and the television drama.” Assets are calculated based on a character’s control over currency (primarily Westerosi dragons), land, political power and military strength. Wildcard investments – such as Daenarys Targaryen’s three living dragons – are taken into account as well, and comparisons to real-life figures is utilized for baseline calculations.

The resulting wealth is then translated into British pounds, giving readers a sense of where the characters of Game of Thrones would rank in our own world. American readers may be interested to know that the current pound-to-dollar exchange rate sits at about 1.6 American dollars to the British pound, meaning that the total values listed below can be multiplied approximately one and a half times for their American value.

Briefly put: That there’s some big bucks.