Mortgage Introducer, 19th July 2013 | Reporting a record month for Freedom Finance

The Mortgage Introducer reported a record month for soft search price comparison website Freedom Finance in June of this year, with a year-on-year profit of 40%.

Speaking to the Mortgage Introducer, MD of Freedom Nicola Georgiou explained that the growth was a result of increased consumer confidence in the lenders. The slashed interest rates have made borrowing more tempting than ever although Georgiou warns that the attractive looking rates aren’t for everyone.

‘Simply applying for the lowest rate loan on a traditional comparison site can damage a credit score so applicants should make sure they use a ‘soft search’ site.’

The innovative soft search tool used by Freedom Finance allows potential borrowers to check their eligibility for a particular loan before a formal application is made. This is to protect credit ratings by making sure applicants proceed with only the most suitable loans, whether they are applying for a home improvement loan, holiday loan or secured loan.

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